John Mack - Newtown Supervisor
Mack on the Supervisor's dais during the January 2, 2018, reorganization meeting.
John Mack at his seat on the Board of


My name is John Mack and on January 2, 2018, I was sworn in as a Newtown Township Supervisor Definition to fill a 2-year term after winning in the 2017 Municipal election.

It's time now to run again. This time for a full six-year term! 

I submitted my petition to be on the Primary Election ballot to the Bucks County Board of Elections on Monday, March 11, 2019. My fellow Supervisor Dennis Fisher will also be on the Ballot. See you at the polls on Primary Day, May 21, 2019!

Attracting New Businesses to Newtown

I'm often asked, What will you do to attract new businesses and new jobs to our municipality?

This is an important question because to maintain a low 4.5 mill property tax while providing the excellent services our residents have come to expect, the Township depends on business-related sources of income such as the Earned Income Tax (EIT Definition), which accounts for nearly 80% of its tax revenue!

As a member of the Newtown Board of Supervisors, I voted to create the Newtown Finance Committee, which is in the process of helping Newtown Township attract employers/jobs and pursue economic development.

I also supported the Township’s application for a matching $40,000 PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED Definition) grant to implement an Early Intervention Program (EIP Definition) that will assess the township's financial condition and identify additional sources of income, including attracting new businesses with high-paying jobs to Newtown (read “Newtown Township Seeks Grant to Assess Finances”).

I will continue to work with local business associations, the PA Department of Community and Economic Development and Newtown Township's Finance Committee to promote our community as a great place to establish businesses that have high-paying jobs.

Feel free to contact me via email:

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