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Notes from the 12 May 2021 BOS MeetingStorm Drain Stencils, New Uses for LI and OLI Districts, Missing EIT Income, Streambank Rehabilitation, Police Report, More...

May 7 2021 News of Interest NewsletterWill Wawa get its variances? Do you want restaurants, etc. in Business Commons District? Any ideas how to spend $1,936,231? More...

Google Analytics and the Township’s Website. Should the township periodically run Google Analytics on its website to determine how it is used and where improvements may need to be made? I look at the analytics for my website to get an idea of what can be measured. More...

Doylestown Township Passes Juneteenth Freedom Day Resolution. WHEREAS, Juneteenth is recognized as the oldest commemoration of Black economic liberation in the United States; and More...

What Issues Are Important to Newtown Residents This Election Year? This year two Newtown Board of Supervisor seats are up for election: One six-year seat currently occupied by Republican Kyle Davis and one two-year seat currently occupied by David Oxley. What are the issues that will shape the campaign to fill these seats? TAKE MY SURVEY

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