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Here you can find a list of selected video clips from Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) meetings, advisory committee meetings and other events of interest to Newtown residents. Click on the video name to view. [You can access ALL available videos here.]

Delancey Court Residents Oppose Toll Proposed Settlement Plan

Duration: 35 minutes

Several residents attending the September 22, 2021, BOS meetging complained that they were not given adequate notice. Specific complaints included: (1) the planned access to Durham Road via Municipal Drive was unsafe, (2) a 2008 Durham Road Traffic Study concluded that the preferred access to Durham Road from any development in the area is North Drive, and (3) the Township should not be giving up public land to allow access to Municipal Drive.

View the video clip and additional information here.

John D'Aprile Accuses Residents of Being Lazy

Duration: 1 minute

In a comment to the Board of Supervisors, Newtown Grant resident John D’Aprile, was of the opinion that the township should not spend money on hybrid meetings so that “lazy” residents can attend. “Why should we cater to someone who is lazy and does not want to come to meetings?,” quipped Mr. D’Aprile. In my opinion, Mr. D’Aprile’s comments are an insult to residents who are NOT lazy such as the elderly, the handicapped, and anyone susceptible to COVID infections.

View the video clip and additional information here.

Newtown Friends Inquire About Access to ARP Funds

Duration: 2 minutes

At the August 11, 2021, Newtown Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Newtown Friends Home & Village Board Chairman Terry Christiansen asked if there is a process in place whereby non-profit groups such as his can apply for a share of the $1,024,920.93 American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds that the township has received.

View the video clip and additional information here.

Elen Snyder Comments on Single-Use Plastics & Climate Change

Duration: 4 minutes

At the August 25, 2021, Newtown Board of Supervisors meeting, Ms. Elen Snyder - member of the Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) and a 2021 candidate for Newtown Supervisor - commented on the impact of single-use plastics on the environment. Ms. Snyder urged Newtown to follow other townships - such as the Borough of Narberth, PA - in passing regulations that encourage or require businesses to reduce the usage of plastic materials, eliminate the use of Styrofoam, promote the use of reusable bags, and replace plastics with sustainable materials..

View the video clip and additional information here.

Frank McCarron Comments on Budget Process, Police Diversity, and Hybrid Meetings

Duration: 6 minutes

Newtown resident Frank McCarron stood before the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors at the August 11, 2021, public meeting and asked some very important questions about the budget process and polic diversity. He also spoke in favor of hybrid public meetings to allow residents who are handicapped, elderly, or immuno-compromised to participate in meetings remotely.

View the video clip and additional information here.

Dan Romanelli Comments on Proposed Use of Taylor Farm House

Duration: 16 minutes

Newtown Township resident Dan Romanelli commented on the proposed use of the Taylor Farm House as a shelter for abused women. His comments were made before the Board of Supervisors at its August 11, 2021, public meeting. Mr. Romanelli and other residents are concerned about the complete lack of involvement of impacted local residents and other issues related to this use.

View the video clip and additional information here.

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